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  1. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Dec 28, 2018
    Hi everyone,

    This year marked the release of the skUnity Parser and the first time we ran the event called Advent of skUnity. Doing something for the first time is always difficult and with this, we were extremely unsure how to actually run the full event. I do hope that everyone enjoyed it, whether taking part or just watching!

    I am now after feedback of the event. What you thought we did well or not so well. I'd like to run this event again next year and possibly do more next year, but without any community feedback I don't know if it'll be a good idea to do it again, or just a waste of time.

    Please be honest and provide any suggestions you might have. Discuss on this thread in on the #skunity-meta channel in the Discord.

  2. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Dec 25, 2018
    Hi everyone!

    I hope you're all having a wonderful day! I certainly am and have received some very nice gifts.

    I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year! 2018 has been a fun year for myself and another stage of skUnity. With the release of the Parser and another project nearing release and a Parser update in the works, 2019 will be full of new stuff!

    Thank you all for your contributions and commitment to skUnity and the Skript community.

    Thanks again,
    BaeFell and Wrong
  3. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Dec 13, 2018
    Hi everyone,

    skUnity is a partner of Craftathon! Read more about it below >>

    Craftathon is a weekend-long charity event taking place on December 22-23! There will be famous members of the Minecraft community attending, like JeromeASF! The purpose of the event is for famous YouTubers to play online in real-time with their fans.

    A minimum fee of $5 is required to join the server for the weekend, and it unlocks fun minigames and an SMP. All funds go directly to Child's Play Charity, improving the lives of children in domestic violence shelters and hospitals. Throughout the weekend, there will also be panels from YouTubers and other members of the Minecraft community. You can purchase a ticket now at https://craftathon.org/ or join the Craftathon Discord at https://discord.gg/craftathon

  4. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Dec 6, 2018
    Round 2 of Advent of skUnity
    Hi everyone,

    Round 2 of Advent of skUnity is now live - Shopping Trip!

    I do love to shop! Create a cool shop system however you see fit. The shop system must support users created shops and have an admin mode for unlimited usage. More points are given for how easy it is to interact with and for users to understand.

    Head to the Parser (https://parser.skunity.com/) to enter into the challenge!

    Thanks, BaeFell
  5. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Dec 1, 2018

    Advent of skUnity, first challenge announcement!
    Hi everyone,

    I'll let you on a little secret... we released the skUnity Parser when we did as we had this planned! Advent of skUnity. 5 Skript Challenges over 25 days with the last one ending on Christmas Day. The Parser will be the home of Advent of skUnity and we plan to host Skript Challenges through it!

    Each challenge will have a script in mind to be created, general rules and some specific to the challenge, a winner and a prize provided by Sparked Host (there's still time to sponsor a challenge!). There will be an overall winner from the person who gets the highest score in total across all challenges.

    Here's how it will work:
    • Day 1: the challenge will be announced and entries can be submitted
    • Day 2: entries can still be submitted and worked on. Last day to do so!
    • Day 3: judging begins
    • Day 4: judging now ends and votes totalled
    • Day 5: the winner is announced
    It'll then loop back to Day 1!

    The first challenge is Ducky Bot! The challenge as the title suggests, create a chat bot called Ducky! We think it's an Easy Challenge with a prize of 25% off at Sparked Host. To enter, go to the skUnity Parser and click the new Snowflake icon in the sidebar. You can see a list of upcoming challenges and enter into the first one. You'll be shown the rules and everything else about the challenge and can enter. The Parser will make a new paste just for you which will then lock on Day 3 but then unlocked once that challenge is over.

    The judges have been hand selected by me and will remain a secret for now. They know who they are :emoji_wink:

    If you're unsure about anything, please feel free to contact me.