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  1. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Jan 30, 2017
    Skript Challenge #1
    Number Format
    Some of you might remember when we've done Skript Challenges before. They were quite fun and showed a different end of the community as people came to show their little tricks of Skript. Skript is a quirky language in that sometimes the logic you put in is not what Skript actually does. This is what makes Skript Challenges so fun!

    Anyways! I'm going to try and do one every now and then, hopefully at least a fortnight apart but sometimes might be weekly. There won't be any set schedule for when I do them, but just keep an eye on this forum section! If you have an idea for a Skript Challenge, please PM me with it and a bit of info on it.

    This Skript Challenge is a number format one! Basically, you must be able to change any length of number into a formatted number so like changing 245863 -> 245,863, 17354682 -> 17,354,682. You can use either "," or ".", depending on what's used locally (even though using "." is wrong lol).

    The rules are as follows (note: rules may change between challenge):
    - Your code must be in [code]<code>[/code] tags so that I can easily read it.
    - You can use addons, but, you're not allowed to use a feature from an addon which does this (don't think any do) and the addon must of been released publicly prior to the creation of this thread. So not, you cannot use a feature like format {_integer} using "," or whatever.
    - You can use another user's code, but please don't edit your messages. I can see all message history.

    Challenge details (specifics about this challenge):
    - The integer you must format is in a variable called "{_integer}".
    - Your code must accept any length of integer and support integers that are less than 3 in length (so like 512).
    - You do not have to message it back to the player

    How answers will be judged:
    The winner will be selected by having the shortest answer. Whitespace won't be added on (so spaces/tabs). Lines count isn't...
  2. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Jan 29, 2017
    Hi everyone,

    Some people may of noticed a sessions issue where they'd suddenly be in someone else's account. We have been unsure to exactly what caused it and even after posting on xenForo's community forums, no one was sure. We've tried multiple things and out last fix we believe should of fixed the issue.

    If the issue arises again, please inform me via PM either on your original account or the account you're logged in as. We need to know as many details as possible, so when sending the PM, include in the message your original account and the account you're in. If you're able to provide a session token from your cookies, that'll also help.

    I am aware there has been concern over user details such as passwords. Passwords are still protected and were never seen by anyone. Passwords are hashed by xenForo and are stored securely. There is no way to view a password from the user control panel or anywhere on the site. If you have any other concerns, please just PM me.

    A huge thanks to @Sam for hopefully putting a stop this issue.

  3. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Jan 27, 2017
    Hi everyone,

    The docs are back
    I'm very happy to announce that the official skUnity documentation is back online! Wrong has managed to get the server back online and is now working. The forums will be staying with me for now as it'll save the hassle of moving them again and potentially causing issues.

    Info on docs 2.0
    Wrong has been working hard on getting the next version of skUnity docs out and they'll be here soon. I'm going to be helping out with some stuff to get them up and running quicker plus adding features which he is unable to do for whatever reason.

    We'll be doing some changes to how the domain is working. The new setup will be rolled out with docs 2.0, but will be like this:
    skunity.com -> a portal page which has links to forums and docs - a front page of skUnity (likely to have news and some stuff too).
    forums.skunity.com -> this will take you to here, the forums.
    docs.skunity.com -> once docs 2.0 launches, they'll be accessiable via docs.skunity.com This allows us to greater control of the domain as each section is sub-domained.

    NodeBB forums
    Now that the NodeBB forums are backup, we'll be moving back! Joking! Anyway! They'll be backup soon and (hopefully) accessible via node.skunity.com. The time that they'll be up is currently uncertain. It's likely it will about a week to a fortnight at best. This is because they're slightly unstable and waste resources on the skUnity server for other secret projects we have coming up :emoji_wink:. But don't worry! We'll be giving plenty of notice when they're going up, down and might even get a data export out for people to use.

    Thanks to everyone who's being bearing with us through this troubling time. I know it's not easy to see your data just disappear and then be told to make it again.

    Thanks again,
  4. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Jan 26, 2017
    Hi everyone,

    You've probably noticed now, but please welcome @itismejoey to the admin team! He's kindly donated the use of his xenForo license, multiple addons and a lot of his time to make these new fancy skUnity Forums, so I've decided it'd be best for him to have even more room to input, by giving him admin rank.

    I'll still be managing the site and working with Wrong and the community, but Joey will be doing a lot of changes by himself now and also managing parts for me.

  5. BaeFell
    Created by BaeFell
    Jan 22, 2017
    skUnity Forums - a fresh start and new beginning.
    Welcome to the new skUnity Forums. The forums now run xenForo, kindly provided by @itismejoey. After a lot of discussion, between me, wrong, joey and many community members, we've come to agreement that the forums need a fresh start. Discourse was amazing, but unfortunately backend faults led to it constantly crashing. NodeBB has for some reason, suffered the same fate and killed the server; hence the long down time. We've thought hard about this and it comes with difficulty to do. Delete a year and a half of history or suffer the consequences of forum downtime?

    In the end, we picked the new beginning. We were all against this path, especially @Wrong, who was completely against the fresh start. This fresh start means the forums will work. There shouldn't be anymore downtime as me and @Sam are now hosting the forums while the skUnity server is fixed as part of skUnities and SkriptRepo's partnership.

    As part of the transition to xenForo, we have tried to move some of the original thread using a cache viewer of the old skUnity Forums. We have also set the owners of some posts to those who originally posted on skUnity Forums. Some content will obviously be missing and won't be moved back over, however, we hope that everyone here is able to pump the posts back in.

    To answer any questions, I've created a list of basic FAQ below. If you have any questions please just reply or PM me them. I'll be more than happy to reply.


    Why the reset?
    As discussed above, the forum software we were using was causing downtime. Something which was painful to us as staff and users of the forums. xenForo is a...